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The Harvard Graduate School of Education released a report on Wednesday endorsed by dozens of other schools that proposes radical changes to the way c ...

2016-2-17 14:11
标签:哈佛 、ted 、specific 、哈佛大学 、历史

South Korean department stores will start offering instant tax refund services to foreign customers starting in February as part of an effort to boost ...

2016-2-17 13:47
标签:ted 、美国大学 、中国 、历史 、person

Chinese companies and residents sent more than $110bn out of the country in January alone, according to new estimates, as they continued to evade tigh ...

2016-2-17 13:18
标签:ted 、app 、美国大学 、中国 、历史

The latest report on the “global burden of disease” finds air pollution caused the premature deaths of 5.5 million people in 2013, with China just a ...

2016-2-17 11:28
标签:ted 、app 、美国大学 、technology 、University

Claudia-You发布了帖子“你会用牛仔裤上的第5个小口袋吗?来自 SAT资料库

Ever wonder why there's a teeny-tiny pocket above the regular ones in the front of your jeans? Or, more likely, have you ever gotten your thumb stuck ...

2016-2-17 10:58
标签:app 、历史 、about

Victoria and David Beckham have one gorgeous family! 维多利亚和贝克汉姆这幸福的一家子! 114195 The fashion designer took to Instagram on Saturday to c ...

2016-2-17 10:34
标签:app 、伦敦 、better

114154 【电影简介】 当被称为怪兽的外星怪物从海中势不可挡地冒出来时,它们带来的,是一场夺取百万生命和人类资源的战争。接连摧毁旧金山、马尼拉和墨西哥等城 ...

2016-2-16 16:46
标签:ted 、app 、机械 、日本 、better

114151 【电影简介】 当第一次世界大战刚刚露出即将打响的苗头的时候,作为一个英国的牧场家庭,尽管他们手头根本就没有足够的资金去拥有它,可他们还是在一场拍 ...

2016-2-16 16:30
标签:小马 、ted 、app 、actually 、person

114144 【电影简介】 小有名气但利欲熏心的律师潘肖(徐峥 饰),凭借扎实的法律知识和巧舌如簧的庭辩技巧,成功帮盗捕国家珍禽阿拉泰隼并残忍杀害一名警察的西 ...

2016-2-16 16:20
标签:ted 、app 、about 、develop

114138 【电影简介】 在美国太空站,一个男宇航员麦特·科沃斯基和女同事瑞安·斯通出舱修复望远镜时,一枚导弹击中俄罗斯的卫星,连锁产生的碎片疾驰在同步轨道 ...

2016-2-16 15:55
标签:ted 、actually 、中国 、about

Claudia-You发布了帖子“时尚界是不是有什么东西正在溃烂?来自 SAT资料库

On Wednesday — six days after it was announced that the designer Raf Simons was leaving Christian Dior, and weeks after Alexander Wang’s last show f ...

2016-2-16 15:03
标签:ted 、ssat 、app 、business 、publishing

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards were held Monday night. Here is a list of some of the big winners noted with an asterisk *. 114121 Best rap album "2014 ...

2016-2-16 14:37
标签:ted 、reading 、something

Property tycoon Wang Jianlin, who is worth more than 20billion pounds, has bought a ten-bedroom home on Kensington Palace Gardens, which is on the sam ...

2016-2-16 13:39
标签:ted 、排行榜 、伦敦 、gre

President Barack Obama didn't act like a typical president when he took a break from running the country to hang out with Jerry Seinfeld, driving a Co ...

2016-2-16 13:14
标签:ted 、app 、University 、gre

In a bid to de-stress and break free from the tensions of daily life, Japanese students and professionals are taking to a bizarre trend called 'Zentai ...

2016-2-16 12:01
标签:actually 、University 、日本 、person

The Indonesian government has demanded all instant messaging apps to remove same-sex emoticons or face a ban in the country. 近日,印度尼西亚政府要求 ...

2016-2-16 11:46
标签:ted 、app

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has replaced Apple as the world's most valuable listed company after the company's first set of results under ...

2016-2-16 11:04
标签:加拿大 、ted 、app 、business 、technology

Breaking up with someone is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but, luckily, you can now outsource it to an online company called "The ...

2016-2-15 16:25
标签:加拿大 、ted 、app 、伦敦 、start

Claudia-You发布了帖子“恋人追踪APP严防劈腿 为恋情保驾护航来自 SAT资料库

For jealous partners it could be the ultimate app -allowing you to see everything your partner does on their phone. 对那些爱吃醋的“连体婴”来说,这款 ...

2016-2-15 15:27
标签:ted 、app 、person 、start

红红火火恍恍惚惚哈哈哈~114002 我们不是奇葩,我们只是奇葩事的搬运工.. 天然的双语新闻和趣事正在路上... 113948 点击下面的文章标题查看全文哟~ 113951 南 ...

2016-2-15 15:01
标签:伦敦 、城市

"Bizarre" is just the right word to describe the 8 methods to lose weight you are about to find out. Follow them and you will see fat melt in no time. ...

2016-2-15 14:18
标签:ted 、app 、伦敦 、城市 、about

113930 【电影简介】 中国上海,法租界,第三届环球花国大选公开赛盛大开幕。俊眉修眼,顾盼神飞,万千佳丽撩人心。环宇直播,开天辟地,花国总统首次全球民选。 ...

2016-2-15 13:43
标签:ted 、app 、中国 、better 、城市

113903 【电影简介】 大闹天宫后的四百多年间,齐天大圣成了一个传说。在山妖横行的长安城,百姓们在朝夕不保中惶惶度日。孤儿江流儿与行脚僧法明相依为命,小小 ...

2016-2-15 13:27
标签:ted 、app 、technology 、writing 、better

113897 【电影简介】 自以为是的冒险家“星爵”彼得·奎尔在偷走一块神秘球体后成为赏金猎人的头号目标,原来邪恶反派罗南对此物体垂涎已久。为了逃脱无休止的追 ...

2016-2-15 12:06
标签:app 、technology 、about 、gre

113892 【电影简介】 1999年,汾阳姑娘沈涛陷入了与小镇青年张晋生和梁建军的三角恋中,她最终选择了追逐金钱的张晋生,梁建军则只能郁郁离开。 2014年,沈涛与 ...

2016-2-15 11:18
标签:澳洲 、ted 、app 、学校 、about

113886 【电影简介】 29岁生日前那天,熊顿(白百何饰)因吐槽奇葩老板而丢了工作,又遭遇极品男友劈腿而丢了爱情,但坏运气并没到头,在生日PARTY上欢腾过后, ...

2016-2-15 11:09
标签:ted 、person 、better 、successful 、about

113882 【电影简介】 詹姆斯·邦德(丹尼尔·克雷格饰)是在苏格兰长大的孤儿,天幕庄园承载着他童年的记忆。天幕庄园炸毁之际,唯有一张幸存的老照片令邦德难以 ...

2016-2-15 11:03
标签:ted 、app 、business 、physically 、博士

113878 114338 【电影简介】 莱莉因为父亲工作的因素举家搬迁至旧金山,要准备适应新环境,但就在此时,莱莉脑中控制欢乐与忧伤的两位脑内大臣乐乐与忧忧迷失在 ...

2016-2-15 10:56
标签:ted 、app 、person 、start 、successful

A coffee shop in East London has provoked outrage after banning Ugg boots and referring to them as slag wellies.英国伦敦东区一家咖啡店禁止顾客穿Ugg雪 ...

2016-2-15 10:42
标签:ted 、app 、澳大利亚 、伦敦 、城市

A South African mayor has awarded college scholarships to 16 young women for remaining virgins to encourage others to be "pure and focus on school," h ...

2016-2-14 17:46
标签:ted 、app 、University 、教育部 、城市








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